How to Add Subtitles to Movies & TV Shows on Android Device

By | June 27, 2017

People who watch foreign films and TV shows on a great note know the significance of subtitles very much.  With the growing technology, everything has come so very handy.  We are now able to watch movies and TV shows on our android devices.  It has become a handy PC and handy TV as well.  It has brought in everything very much close to us.  It is a known fact that not all the movies and TV shows stream with subtitles. While watching movies and TV shows of some unknown languages, it is very important to have subtitles.  They play the key role in conveying the dialogues in the flicks and soaps.

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Subtitles are very easy to load to a video.  There are many ways to load subtitles into a video.  Before loading subtitles, users also need to check if the media player supports them.  Almost all video players come with the support for subtitles.  If you have plans to watch a foreign movie or a TV show and want to add subtitles to the videos, then you are at the right place.  We have discussed below few effective ways to add subtitles to videos.  Check them out!

Simple Ways to add subtitles to movies and TV shows on Android device

Add subtitles in VLC for Android

Most of the video player apps come with the option to add subtitles.  Subtitles usually come as a separate file from the video file and can be downloaded an added separately.  Either you can manually add the subtitle file or the player itself will do it.  To add subtitles, one has to get subtitles file into the phone.  Many websites offer subtitles for various movies and TV shows.  So, download the subtitle file from there and load it using the option provided in the video player.

To add the subtitles file to the video player, open VLC player and play the video of the concerned subtitles file.  Tap on subtitles present on the left side of Play button and tap on ‘Select subtitle file’.

Add subtitles in MX Player

If you are using MX player in your android device and want to add subtitles to a particular video, the process is almost similar as the above.  Open the payer, play the video and load subtitles from the main menu present on the right corner of the screen and by clicking on ‘Subtitle’.  Now, tab on Open button and add the subtitles file to the video.

Subtitles Downloader for Android

You can also take the help of automatic subtitles downloader instead of following the above process of loading subtitles from download folder.  There are many apps that will automatically add the subtitles to the video on android device.  Get one to get your work done.  Here are some subtitle downloader apps for android.

GMT Subtitles

GMT subtitles is a subtitle loading app that loads the subtitles automatically.  The app searches for the videos and displays from which you need to choose one to add subtitles for.

Get Subtitles

Get Subtitles will display the videos in the phone in the main interface and on selecting a video, the related subtitles will be displayed.  User can change the language of the video depending on their convenience.  Just by clicking on download subtitles button, you can download the subtitles for the concerned video.


Unlike earlier mentioned apps, this is a paid app.  The paid version alone supports automatic search and loading of subtitles.  It is very easy to download the subtitles for the concerned video and it involves just a simple tap.

These are the ways to add subtitles to movies and TV shows on android device.

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